3-D design renderings: One of the ways we deliver the best customer service in Central CT

At Archadeck of Central Connecticut, customer service means doing our very best to ensure you’re satisfied with our work at your home. Great customer service is one of the things that sets our business apart from other builders of outdoor living structures in the area. (In addition to our quality craftsmanship, of course!)

How do we know this? Our customers tell us.

How do we do it? Over the years, we have developed a design process that works every time. One of the most important steps in that process features our 3-D architectural design renderings.

3-D renderings provide much more insight than a traditional plan.

When we are working with you, clear and direct communication is vitally important. We’re only going to be working at your home for a number of weeks, but the work we’re doing there will affect your daily life for years. Without clear communication, we may not succeed in building the perfect outdoor living space for you and your family. You are expecting a lot from us, and we want to live up to those high expectations.

Our 3-D design renderings stimulate clear and direct communication in two ways.

3-D design renderings keep us talking

Once we get a good sense of what you have in mind for your new outdoor living space, we translate that into a visual interpretation, a set of computer-generated 3-D architectural renderings. Each set of renderings shows you at least three different points of view and one overhead floorplan layout.

We may go through a number of iterations of the design renderings and we’ll talk with you about them at each phase. Keeping that line of communication open means we encourage you several times to share your feedback and ideas — and any misgivings, if you have them. We want to know! We won’t be satisfied until you are thrilled with the design.

Early Design

Revised Design

For example, here you can see 3-D drawings for one of our recent outdoor living projects. It’s a screened porch/deck deluxe outdoor living combination project in Woodbridge, CT, with skylights in the roof of the screened porch. In the Early Design image, the skylights were smaller. As we reviewed the drawings with our client, they mentioned that they thought the skylights should be bigger.

That’s great information!

It is far easier, (and less expensive), to change something during the design phase (IE. the size/type of window rather than making a “field change” during construction). It may not seem like a big deal, but if the client had not felt comfortable speaking up, we might have installed smaller skylights. Our collaborative process allows us an opportunity to provide a Revised design for consideration. Our goal is to avoid a situation where, every time that client went out onto the screened porch and looked up they think, I really wish those skylights were bigger. That’s not the feeling we want to leave any of our clients with!

3-D design renderings keep the ideas flowing

The first set of drawings presents a basic visualization of the project. Subsequent versions are collaborations working toward finalizing the design you’ll love. Clients consistently tell us that, looking over the renderings after each time we fine-tune them can trigger new ideas.

You can see intricate details in a 3-D design rendering that you cannot see in an ordinary 2-dimensional drawing. With a 2-dimensional plan, you can miss small things that may turn into big things once the project is completed. Looking at a 3-D rendering, we encourage you to visualize traffic flow from the house to the outdoor living space and throughout the outdoor space itself. We can place furniture in the rendering, to scale, so you can see what pieces will or won’t fit into your new deck and/or screened porch design.

If we are discussing alternate design ideas, we can use two sets of 3-D renderings to compare them and see which option is closer to what you have in mind. Or, the drawings could lead you to ask you about a third option we’ve not yet considered.

Take another look at these renderings of our recent project in Woodbridge, CT. We tried different ideas for the under-deck skirting. The client asked us to change the skirting from brown lattice to white after they saw a 3-D rendering of how the brown would look against the backdrop of the home’s siding. One idea leads to another. For helping you get a clearer view of how the finished project will look, one 3-D rendering is worth any number of words.

Using these computer-generated design renderings plays a huge role in the way we deliver exceptional customer service. Every version of the design carries us a step closer to our goal: making the client happy — from the initial design discussion to the completed project and for years to come.

If you’re ready to let us turn your ideas into 3-D design renderings for an outdoor living space at your home in Woodbridge, Farmington, Cheshire or anywhere else in Central Connecticut, call us at (203) 793-7142 or email [email protected] to get started. We promise you’ll appreciate our version of great customer service.

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