Archadeck of Central CT asks, "When is a window better than a wall?"

The answer: When you want to see through it!

Today’s featured project in Colchester, CT, combines a re-decking with a conversion from deck to screened porch, and it is a stunner. Two aspects stand out on this project. First, in replacing the original deck wall with tempered glass, we have opened up a whole new world for these homeowners. Second, the porch addition blends in so well with the cedar home, you would swear the porch had been there all along.

The Colchester homeowners had a wooden deck along the side of their beautiful, rustic cedar home. Since the deck was aging, it was time to have it re-decked or replaced. The homeowners wanted to turn most of the deck into a screened porch, and in the process they wanted a railing or wall system that they could actually see through. Archadeck of Central CT worked with them on a design to make that happen.

The original deck railing topped a wooden wall instead of pickets or balusters — great for privacy, but terrible for enjoying the outdoors. While the deck was lined with shrubs, the view was completely obscured, so people on the deck could not see them. They could only see the wall straight ahead and the sky above. The overall feeling on the original deck was that of being penned in.

The new design is something to celebrate. Most of the deck is now a porch with tempered glass below the railing where a wall once stood. Above the railing is screen. Anyone on the deck can now look out over the landscape, communing with nature while staying dry and protected from insects. The porch is light and airy with a ceiling fan to create a breeze when there is none.

A lot of work went into improving this Colchester outdoor living space, and the results were well worth the effort. First, we took the existing wooden deck apart and added necessary footings to make the deck level again. We also brought a beam up under the deck for additional support. In some projects, the entire deck needs to be removed, but in this case the footings and framework did not need to be replaced, just reinforced.

Once we had repaired the deck framework, we resurfaced the deck, replacing the original deck flooring with new material. The homeowners chose low-maintenance Fiberon Symmetry decking in the Cinnabar color to match the home. Fiberon Symmetry decking boards look and feel much like natural wood, but they are more durable. The outer layer surrounds all four sides and resists fading and staining; the durable composite core means no splintering, cracking, insect infestation or decay.

With the new deck surface in place, it was time to add the porch over it. We left a portion of the deck open for a barbecue grill, but most of it is now enclosed. A tempered glass wall makes up the lower portion below the deck railing, and we used ScreenEze screening to fill in above the railing — all the way up to the vaulted ceiling. For the railings we used western red cedar stained to match existing home.

Speaking of the vaulted ceiling, we designed it with the rafters exposed, so no one will feel penned up on this porch! A ceiling fan completes the scene.

The homeowners are elated with the new porch and the magnificent way it ties in to the cedar home and looks original to the home. You would never know it had been added on if we had not told you. It’s our secret.

Can we create a dream deck, porch or combination outdoor living space for you? If you are thinking about converting a deck to porch at your home in Colchester, Shelton, Avon, Farmington, Cheshire or anywhere else in Central Connecticut, call Archadeck of Central CT at (203) 793-7142, or email us at [email protected] to schedule your no-obligation consultation today.

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